3rd September 2013




The French are cool, Parisians are cooler. It is with great pleasure that I introduce our new partner, L’Herbe Rouge. Their gently toned A/W collection provides some lovely pieces. 

The brand was formed in 2008 when three experienced professionals decided to come together to form a business that would show that ‘une autre mode est possible’ or ‘another way is possible’. 

With a strong commitment to ethical practice the brand use only more sustainable materials such as organic yarns and tencel, a biodegradable material made from wood pulp (sustainably harvested). 

Products are made in factories audited to high standards. L’Herbe Rouge’s partner in Madagascar pay above the minimum wage and have a retirement scheme. The factory have also invested in a water reprocessing system, which filters and purifies waste water. 

I would end on a classy bit of French, but I’m English innit and my language skills are poor.  



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